Credit Bureau Trigger Leads

Reach Mortgage and Auto Customers when they are ready to Buy !

Our Mortgage and Auto Credit Trigger Leads are “in-the-market” and ready to make a buying decision.

Mortgage Trigger Leads

These data is collected in real-time when prospective buyer completes a 1003 (mortgage application),  and the credit inquiry to their credit report gets flagged on the borrower’s credit record. The data is aggregated thru credit bureaus and we can supply you with a “trigger” file within 24-48 hours of the original mortgage application.

Auto Trigger Data

Like the mortgage trigger data, the Auto Trigger Data is created from real-time auto loan applications. Every time a prospective borrows applies for auto loan a their credit report is pulled and a credit inquiry event is flagged on the their credit record.  We can supply you with the auto credit trigger leads within 24-48 hours of the original automotive loan application.

You may further narrow your ideal prospects with selects such as specific credit, debt and equity attributes.

All of the credit trigger data is “live” pre-screened credit data, a firm offer of credit is required. Every lead with phone number is scrubbed against all state and federal do-not-call lists. A SAN number is required for all area codes in which leads are provided. Contact us for pricing.

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Trigger Data Pricing

Mortgage Trigger Data & Automotive Trigger Data is priced depending on number of leads received. DNC Scrubbed Phones are available on approximately 15% to 20% of the Postal Leads.

Daily Trigger Pricing

50 – 100 leads per day is 1.00 cents / lead
100 – 200 leads / day is .95 cents / lead
200 – 500 leads / day is .85 cents / lead
500 + leads / day is .75 cents / lead

In addition to the above rates for the Trigger Leads, there is a $1500 Sign Up Deposit to get the Trigger Lead Delivery Process started.

Here is the information we collect to get started:
Company Name:
Company Address:
Company Phone:
Principal name:
Principal email:
Company website:
Lender or Broker:

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